Helpline: Early risers, night feeding, night waking and day naps

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Parenting a small child can be challenging, particularly when you can’t work out why they aren’t feeding or sleeping properly. Then there are the behavioural hurdles (toddlers not getting in car seats, throwing food on the floor etc).

Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue is here to help you navigate the early years. She has over thirty years experience and knows how to help you make a few tweaks to set you back on the right path.

On this episode of Helpline her advice covers:

  • A six-month-old early riser
  • Night feeds for a six-and-a-half-week-old
  • A 13-month-old night waking
  • Almost six-month-old waking after rolling in the cot
  • A four-year-old not getting enough sleep
  • An early-rising two-year-old
  • How to manage breastfeeding a six-month-old starting daycare
  • An 11-month-old waking in the night
  • Night weaning and day naps for a four-month-old

Listen to Chris Minogue on Feed Play Love:

We're back with the third last Helpline for the year! So if you've got any curly questions for mothercraft nurse, Chris Minogue, now is the time to ask. Just put your questions in the comment box below.

Posted by Babyology on Sunday, December 1, 2019

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