Helpline: Dropping day naps, transitioning to a big bed, bed fear and more

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When you’re raising babies and small humans you start to understand it’s the little things that count. Like day naps, and the hours between awake times through the night or whether a dummy will help or hinder your baby get more sleep.

When the little things start adding up it might be time to speak to an expert. That’s where Helpline is here to guide you through to a better, calmer and hopefully more sleep-filled night. Today our expert is Hannah Wallace, baby sleep consultant from The Parent School

On this episode of Helpline she helps with the following challenges:

  • A two-and-a-half-year-old who will only sleep in the car since dropping bottles before bed
  • A 10-month-old waking every hour through the night
  • A four-month-old waking over five times a night
  • A two-year-old-and-two-months child that is afraid of her bed
  • A 13-month-old waking up through the night
  • When to introduce an eight-week-old baby to a sleep routine
  • A 15-month-old transitioning to one nap and waking super early
  • A 10-month-old resisting day sleeps
  • How to transition a 19-month-old from a cot to a bed
  • A 15-month-old who wants to bed share with their parent

Listen to Hannah Wallace on Feed Play Love:

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Helpline Live with sleep consultant, Hannah Wallace

Has your little one thrown you some curve balls this week? Baby suddenly not sleeping or toddler refusing to stay in their bed? Whatever your parenting quandary is, sleep consultant Hannah Wallace has the answers you need. Just pop your question in the comment box below and look out for her helpful tips in today’s Live Helpline.

Posted by Babyology on Sunday, May 2, 2021

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