Helpline: When a baby gags on their mother’s milk, night-waking babies and more

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There are many things small humans throw at us that leave us feeling baffled. Like sleeping through the night and then deciding to wake every two hours. Or refusing to accept a bottle feed right when you have to go back to work. Mothercraft nurse Chris Minogue joins Helpline every week to clarify your confusion, answer your questions, and to tweak things so that life runs a bit more smoothly.

On this episode of Helpline Chris tackles:

  • Settling a baby when there are two older siblings in the house
  • Toilet training a two and a half-year-old with a history of constipation (link to the article Chris mentions in this episode)
  • An 18-month-old who wakes every morning at 5.13am on the dot
  • A four-month-old who appears to be gagging on their mother’s milk
  • A ten-month-old who is waking through the night
  • A 16-month-old who wakes from naps crying hysterically
  • A six-month-old waking through the night
  • A seven-month-old waking through the night and waking his older sister

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