Snuggle up! 10 of the most popular comforters for little ones

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Comforters are great for babies and toddlers to cuddle up to when they’re unwell, upset or ready for sleep* (once they’re old enough). You can never quite tell what your baby is going to latch on to as their comforter – it might be the most expensive teddy on the planet or a dirty rag from the laundry! Here are 10 of the most popular ones out there.

2. Lulla Doll

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This ain't just any old doll - designed in Iceland the Lulla Doll plays eight hours of continuous real heart beat and breathing sounds - just like being snuggled up to mum! $99 from Sleep Tight Babies (Image credit: Instagram)

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*Please note that any images depicting young babies sleeping with comforters are for photography purposes only, it is not recommended that children sleep with toys or other comforters until around the age of seven months.


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