Video: Princess Charlotte’s first day of school is a whole family affair

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If you need proof that the years absolutely gallop by, this footage of Princess Charlotte trotting off to her first day at school is it!

First day of school

Overnight the Kensington Palace social media accounts released photos and video of young Charlotte’s big moment, and it’s clear that her brother George was thrilled by the prospect of having her in the playground.

In one photo Charlotte and George stand on the steps of their Kensington Palace home in London. They smile cheerily into the camera, with their arms around each other.

So. Darned. Cute. Stop!

Charlotte and George

Charlotte’s looking very polished, and dressed for the very first time in her school uniform. It comprises a neat navy blue pinafore with a crisp white summer blouse and navy cardigan. She’s wearing very shiny new black buckle-up school shoes and white socks.

George is looking smart too in navy shorts and school jumper, a particular fetching pair of black loafers on his royal tootsies.

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share a photograph of Prince George and Princess Charlotte at Kensington Palace this morning. The photo was taken shortly before Their Royal Highnesses left for Thomas’s Battersea,” the accompanying caption read.

A big day for Kate too!

Video shared by the palace then shows the four-year-old princess in the school’s grounds, clutching mum Kate’s hand and seeming very excited. Kate carries her daughter’s school bag and looks smashing in a belted floral frock with fresh summer highlights in her usually dark hair.

“Princess Charlotte arrives for her first day of school at Thomas’s Battersea, joining her older brother Prince George,” Kensington Palace captioned the clip.

No doubt Kate was feeling equally excited – and perhaps emotional too.

She unfortunately missed George’s first day of school because she was pregnant with Prince Louis and incredibly unwell with hyperemesis gravidarum. William took the reins solo on that day.

Thankfully things are less fraught this year and Kate is clearly relishing this big day … and it fact glowing with happiness.

“First day – very excited!”

Charlotte begins a class called Reception first up, while Prince George now moves into Year 2.

Head teacher of the lower school Helen Haslem greeted the royals at a side entrance away from the other students. She bent to shake hands with George and Charlotte. Or possibly curtsey. We’re not quite sure.

“First day – very excited,” William said of his confident middle child (who seemed a little bit shy on this particular morning, mostly due to the assembled press we think.)

“How are you? Did you have a nice summer?” a beaming Kate asked the teacher.

Charlotte wanders along flipping her ponytail and side-eyeing the cameras. Then the family disappears into the school building and heads off to class. 

They grow up so fast, y’all! 


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