Carrie Bickmore reveals the 8-second trick that’s helping her relationship

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Carrie Bickmore has revealed the way she and her partner Chris Walker stay connected as a couple and we love it.

The two have been together for around six years and have daughter Evie, 3, with bub number two for the couple well and truly on the way. With Carrie’s first child, Oliver, 11, part of the family too, the couple is certainly a busy pair. And like the rest of us, they struggle to stay intimately close in the day-to-day chaos of life.

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However, Carrie recently shared the trick she and Chris have been using to ensure they keep the spark alive in their relationship. The really awesome news? It was Chris that came up with it!

According to Carrie, Chris had been talking with a colleague, who’d been reading relationship books (gotta love these men). 

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“Chris said to me the other day, ‘I was talking to this guy at work and he is reading a lot of relationship books. He was telling me this great tip I think we should try. It means you start the day connected,'” Carrie said.

The trick? Instead of a hurried kiss in the morning (woops, guilty), you hold the kiss for a full eight seconds, without moving.

Since using the eight-second kiss, Carrie says it’s made a positive difference in their family. Not only has it helped her and Chris stay close, but the rest of the family are feeling the love too.

“The first day we did it Evie looked at us like we had two heads”, she said. “And then later when we were walking to school she said, ‘Are you and daddy friends?'”

Carrie considered her daughter’s response a good sign that the technique was effective.

Going to try it at your place? Eight seconds doesn’t sound too difficult …


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