41 completely illogical reasons my kids fought this week

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Have more than one kid, they said. It will be much easier, they said. They will be playmates for life, they said. Ha!

If you have more than one child at home, then you can most likely relate to these absolutely irrational reasons siblings get into squabbles.

Siblings are such a blessing. Unfortunately, my two children, aged six (lovingly referred to as Child A) and three (who also goes by the name of Child B), are yet to understand this. While they will play contently together for up to half an hour at a time, for the other 12 hours they generally bicker.

About what you ask? Well, I recently tracked their battles for a week. And these, mums and dads, are the completely illogical reasons my children got angry at each another.

kids fight 2 sl

Please tell me you can relate to these daily dramas..

In the mornings….

  • Child A had her arm on Child B’s side of mummy’s bed.
  • Child B got dressed first. And Child B wore a red shirt, which is clearly Child A’s favourite colour (today).
  • Child B’s breakfast spoon was smaller than Child A’s.
  • Child A’s leg touched Child B’s chair.
  • I put more toothpaste on Child B’s toothbrush than Child A’s.
  • Child A went into the car on Child B’s side.
  • Child A looked through Child B’s car window.

When out and about…

  • Child B got to press the elevator button.
  • Child A sat on the left side of the trolley.
  • Child B got to sit next to mummy while waiting at the doctor’s office.
  • Child A drank his juice faster than Child B.
  • Child B got a racecar in her Kinder Surprise. Child A got a puzzle.

During playtime…

  • Child A was playing iPad. Child B wanted to play iPad.
  • Child B got iPad. Child A turned on the television. Child B wanted to turn on the television.
  • Child A got to choose the program.
  • Child B dobbed on Child A.
  • Child B sat closer to the television than Child A.
  • Child B’s block tower was bigger than Child A’s.
  • Child A called Child B’s play dough snowman a pig.
  • Child A broke Child B’s snowman/pig.
  • Child B put Child A’s Pokemon cards on the dog’s head.
  • Child B climbed up the slide that Child A wanted to go down.
  • Child B got to use the scissors before Child A.
  • Child A scribbled on Child B’s paper.
  • Child B cheated at Snakes and Ladders because Child A lost.
  • Child B put stickers on Child A’s lunch box.

Around mealtimes…

  • Child A’s sandwich looked better than Child B’s.
  • Child A touched Child B’s leg. And chair (again).
  • Child A’s chocolate chip cookie had four chocolate chips. Child B’s only had three.
  • There was 2 millilitres more milk in Child B’s cup.
  • Child B got the green icy pole. Child A wanted the green icy pole.
  • I cut Child A’s icy pole differently than Child B’s.

During bath and bed…

  • Child B got into the bath first.
  • Child A got to sit on the side of the bath without the bath plug.
  • Child A got out of the bath first.
  • Child B’s towel was less itchy than Child A’s towel.
  • Child B got his pyjamas on quicker than Child A.
  • Child B got his back scratched for 9 seconds longer than Child A.
  • Child A selected a book that was three pages shorter than Child B’s selection.
  • I lay in Child B’s bed longer than I lay in Child A’s bed.
  • And, finally, I let Child A turn off the light in the room.

There is a silver lining mum and dads – having more than one comes with a multitude of benefits (or so I’ve been told). But, for now, as you play remote control referee and measure out precisely the exact same amount of Milo into each of your children’s cups, just remember you are not alone. I’m doing the exact same thing in my household. And also hoping that tomorrow they may actually get along for an hour at a time.

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