11 steps to a successful baby playdate with your mum friends

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Making mummy friends is not easy. Preparing to impress them by hosting the mother of all playdates at your place is even harder. But it can also be a fun way to spend the morning and provide both you and bub with some social stimulation. So here is our go-to-guide on how to get it right.

Step one – Set up a safe environment.

Or… throw pretty much anything that makes the house look messy or could classify as a safety hazard on your bed. Lock the bedroom door and, when someone asks what’s behind the door, tell them it’s a cupboard.


Step two – Clean like a crazy lady.

And by clean, we mean vacuum and mop the floor where the babies will be playing to ensure there isn’t anything on the floor that the babies can eat, slip on or get stuck to. Then spray, spray and spray. Because, if any of the babies come down with a cold or, worse yet, gastro, your house will be known as the “gastro house”.  And no one wants to be mates with “gastro mum”.

spring clean nursery1

Step three – Decrease chances of tantrums by removing favourite toys.

This is especially important if you have an older child who is quite protective of his toys.

Babies will play with anything. You can probably get away with simply placing a box of plastic plates and bowls in the middle of the floor.

Step four – Increase caffeine levels in all parents.

Double espressos for everyone!

And, if the babies actually behave and entertain each other, then it’s possible that your mummy friends may even get to drink a whole cuppa while it’s hot.


Step five – Serve cake.

You really can’t go wrong when you bring cake into the equation. If you are not a baker, then don’t attempt it today. Just buy one, slice it up, place it in one of your Tupperware containers and pretend you baked it yourself.

Or, you can bring out your inner Martha with this awesome recipe for heart cupcakes from Babyology’s very own masterchef, Lexi. 

Step six – Lock the animals away.

Because some people really don’t like dogs licking their baby’s face.

baby playdate sl 3

Step seven – Make things comfy.

Set up a super cosy baby space with plenty of pillows, blankets and couch cushions where the bubs can crawl, roll and climb without hurting themselves. You may even want to get creative and set up an obstacle course or a “Diaper derby“.

But we’re guessing not.

Step eight – Set up a table of essentials.

Include baby wipes, water with plastic cups (because glass and babies don’t mix) and a few towels in case of emergency number threes or baby spews.

Step nine – Avoid the urge to take photos of all the babies to post on social media.

This is a big no-no these days. Unless you have permission from all the mums, it’s best to keep the photos to yourself or simply text them to each other.

baby playdate sl 2

Step 10 – Put a time limit on it.

Two hours, tops… or else you are going to end up with a roomful of caffienated mums and cranky, tired babies.

Step 11 – And, finally, give each guest a parting gift on the way out your door.

No, just kidding. But make sure they have your number so you can do it again. And don’t be afraid to drop hints that next time, it should be at someone else’s house. Because playdates that don’t involve cleaning up before, during or after, are the best ones of all.

Happy hosting!


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