Meet America’s diaper derby racing babies, where the fastest crawler wins

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, walkers and crawlers, are you ready for a race like no other? It’s the annual Diaper Derby, a popular American event, where nappy-clad crawlers race to the finish line in a triathlon for tots.

Yes, that’s right – parents race their babies. Don’t believe us? Come and see for yourself!

diaper derby2

And they’re off. Welcome to the next generation of little athletes, where 20 yellow-onesie wearing, sweat-band toting, war-paint clad infants take to a three meter course for a gruelling crawl of a lifetime. In the New York based Sunset Produce Diaper Derby, competitors must remain in their lane, crawl past flashing cameras and ignore the smiling spectators to cross the finish line and earn the title of “Diaper Derby Champion”.

It may seem like a joke. But, we assure you, this is a thing.

With the tagline, “The Slowest Two Minutes in Sports”, the Diaper Derby is a “cutthroat competition” that separates the crawling babies from…well…slower crawling babies.

As explained on the New York City event’s official website, “Any strategy can be used: parents can wave stuffed animals, cell phones or keys to entice the diaper-clad youngsters to cross the finish line.”

But, as this is an official event, there are some ground rules the babies must follow. “In order to be eligible, your little guy or girl must wear a race provided onesie. All standing and walking will lead to disqualification.”

The Sunset Produce Diaper Derby is only one of the many Diaper Derbies hosted around America at different times of the year. It is sponsored by Life Time and is an official event in the Panasonic New York City Triathlon, held in the middle of July.


So, who took home the race title last month? Eleven-month old Scarlett Yturriaga was this year’s winner. As her proud father excitedly states on Star TV, “She won! She was cranky, but she won. It’s nap time.”

So, what’s the verdict Babyologists? Would you consider racing your baby?

(video via YouTube)

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