You probably have the same alarm clock as Olivia Wilde

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Olivia Wilde just revealed some intimate details about her morning routine, and the way she wakes up will strike a chord with most parents.

“One inch from my face”

Olivia, who shares two children with her actor and comedian fiancé Jason Sudeikis, spoke to Elle Magazine about her new role as ambassador for skincare brand True Botanicals and her family life.

Chatting about those blessed early mornings with her 18-month-old Daisy and four-year-old Otis, she admitted the way she wakes up will be of no surprise to other parents.

“I don’t have an alarm; I usually wake up between 6:30 and 7 am. With my son crawling into my bed or staring at me intensely, one inch from my face,” she laughed. 

When asked if the morning was her jam, she said she’s a reformed morning person after pre-kid night owl tendencies.

“Now I really enjoy [the mornings] because I get to see them before work.”

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Keeping it simple

Olivia explained that her morning routine is a simple family affair, involving a familiar captive audience.

“I’m not a human being until I wash my face. I scoop the two kids up, and they sit on the bathroom floor,” noting that almond milk lattes also contribute to her facing the day with the least foggy head possible.

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We live here now. @wearehappyplace ?

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Olivia also spoke to People Magazine about working with this wholesome skincare brand, saying she loves that it’s meant things are much snugglier with her kids.

“I never like putting something on my skin that I couldn’t then smoosh faces with my kids,” she admitted. “I was always like, ‘Oh no, I just put on this weird acid on my skin for whatever dumb reason and now I’m avoiding my son … My son is trying to kiss me and I’m strong-arming him.’”

“That’s an awful feeling! I love that I can wash my face and put on the oil or whatever it is and not have to worry. They could actually, like, lick your cheek and it’s completely fine,” she explained.

And who doesn’t want their kiddos licking their face? Bring it on!


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