Wiggles call on Australian government to get child asylum seekers off Nauru

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Anthony Field and Emma Watkins of The Wiggles have sent a video call out via Kids Off Nauru, pleading for all asylum-seeking children on the island to be released.

“Hope for a better future”

“Universal Children’s Day is on November 20, and it’s a day where the whole world celebrates children and their right to live in safety, to go to school, to grow, laugh, play and achieve their dreams for the future,” Emma begins.

“We sing and dance with millions of children all over the world who have those opportunities but there are more than 100 children who are trapped on Nauru who don’t have this freedom,” Anthony explains.

Emma continues, “Some of them were born there. They’ve spent their whole lives trapped and without hope for a better future.”

“It’s time for this to change”

“It’s time for this to change. We believe all children deserve a safe place to play, learn and to grow,” Anthony says.

“Whatever challenges we face, never is the answer to lock up children,” Emma adds.

“Today we’re asking Australian politicians to work together and get all the children off Nauru,” Anthony urges.

Emma finishes, “Then we can really celebrate Universal Children’s Day in November.”

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Joining the chorus 

More than 130 000 Australians – and more than 300 organisations – have joined the call and signed up to the Kids Off Nauru campaign, launched in August.

Anthony and Emma, who are also Welcome to Australia ambassadors, join a high profile list of Australians supporting the campaign –  including actors Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Danielle Cormack, band Gang of Youths, musician Mick Harvey, comedians Judith Lucy, Tom Ballard and Lehmo, and authors Anna Kent, Zana Fraillon and Danny Katz.

This post first appeared on Kinderling and is republished here with permission.


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