10 animals that are better parents than us (and we feel totally inadequate)

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Animals are the actual best, so we’ve compiled a story to a) prove that they’re the fluffy pals we don’t deserve and b) restore your faith in hairy humanity.

In fact, our deep dive into the internet revealed that animals are good at so very many things, and might even be better parents than we are (except when they eat their young).

Here’s a bunch of tweets to back our case up. You’re so welcome. #snort

1. “Lemme help you, baby boy”

Sometimes you can’t help but step in and lend your child a hand, especially when they’re trying something new.

2. “Take your hat off inside, son!”

Never underestimate the power of good manners, even if it’s just while shopping for Cocoa Pops.

3. “You’re my baby now”

Being hands-on with affection is super important, helping babies to feel secure and loved.

4. “We’ll look after you, honey”

It takes a village to raise a child, y’all.

5. “Foster parenting is very rewarding”

Unconditional love is all about accepting and embracing differences.

6.  “I never skip tummy time”

This really helps to strengthen little necks … and tails.

7. “Honey, please floss!”

Good dental hygiene from the get-go means everybody wins.

8. “Look left, look right”

We always hold hands.

9. “Honey, put a sweater on!”

Don’t want anyone to catch a cold, obviously. 

10. “No, I really DO love your slobbery toddler kisses, sweetie”

Nothing better than a very, very damp smooch. #shudder

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