There are 7 different ‘types’ of grandpas: Which one is your dad or FIL?

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As the increase in ‘greycare’ sees more grandkids spending time with their beloved grandparents, it’s become more apparent than ever that there are some distinctive ‘types’ out there.

We’ve already covered grandma types, so we felt it was time to give those delightful gentlemen, who our children think are the bees’ knees, a nod.

So, without further ado, here are some grandpas you might recognise. Or perhaps your dad or father-in-law (FIL) is a mixture of a few?

1. His name should be ‘Funpa’

This grandpa is SO much fun. Having grandkids has enabled him to tap into his inner boy, which let’s be honest, he never really grew out of. The second he is with the grandkids, he is ONE of them and they have the best playmate, even though he’s wrinkly and old.

He will not only build the track, but he’ll happily play trains for as long as his grandkids want to. He’ll initiate a water pistol fight, play balloon volley ball and will morph into the tickle monster whenever there is a lull. Horsey rides are his specialty.

A day ‘minding’ the grandkids is actually an opportunity for him to make them squeal with joy, but like ALL day.

Oh how the grandkids LOVE ‘funpa’!

2. Chat-a-lot Poppy

This guy LOVES to talk and share stories of his life with his young audience. He is interested in his grandkids’ lives but tends to bore them with tales of his own after a while. He chats more than he plays but as they grow older, they enjoy this more and more.

He speaks about them to his mates with the same pride he has about his personal achievements. They are another thing for him to brag about.

3. All-hands-on-deck Papa

This grandfather might feel that he wasn’t as present for his kids when they were little as he would have liked.

He missed out on the nappy changes, park plays and school concerts because he had to work. As now he’s making up for it and can often be spotted wheeling his grandbaby off to sleep in the pram. He is in the water with his grandtot at swimming lessons and loves sitting down with his daughter’s friends for a chat around the sandpit at playgroup.

4. More like Lazypa than Grandpa

Then there is also this type of grandfather. He’s not at all hands-on – seeing the caring role of kids as womens’ work (cough). He might be a little bit sexist and racist and you don’t like your kids spending too much time with him.

He has never changed a nappy in his life and wouldn’t know how to do a kindy drop-off with that sign-in thingy.

He is present but not present. As in, he’s in ‘his’ armchair while the family buzzes around him. But the kids still love him and will clamber up on his lap to show him a cicada shell.

He loves them too and will chuckle and smile, but he also likes his peace and quiet when they go home.

5. Thinks-he’s-the-dad Grandad

The poppy adores his grandkids, so much so that he sometimes forgets they aren’t his to guide through life.

He needs reminding that he’s the grandparent, not the parent when he oversteps. He enjoys spending time with ‘his’ kids (oops, did it again!) and misses them if they are kept away from him for too long.

He loves the idea of a family holiday altogether.

6. Home-improvement Pop

This papa can’t help but pass on his home maintenance knowledge to the next generation.

When changing a tap washer, he gets the grandkids to help so he can instil this life skill in them and have them ‘learn on the job’.

They love following him around the house, fixing this and that and helping him by passing him screws, like a surgical nurse.

7. Outdoors Opa

Opa enjoys the great outdoors and so he loves to not only introduce his grandbabies to this but also enjoy it with them.

He might own boat or caravan but he is his happiest just sitting by a lake with a fishing rod and his special little guy or girl next to him, clutching their own rod too.



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