Spring is in the air! 8 reasons why all parents love this change of season

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There’s nothing like the freshness of spring time to help lift your mood and make parenting life just that little bit easier. So break out the bubbles because here are eight reasons for parents to celebrate the changing of seasons.

1. No more dark starts

Getting up early with kids is bad enough when you’re constantly exhausted from not getting enough sleep, but it’s so much worse when it’s also pitch black outside. During winter 6am can look the same as midnight, making you feel even more grumpy. But come spring time, it’s much lighter in the mornings making those early starts a whole lot easier to take.

2. Fewer colds and flu

Sure, young children can get sick all year round; but snotty noses, coughs, colds, dreaded flu and other illnesses (such as bronchiolitis and croup) are way more likely to rear their ugly heads in the colder months, meaning more night waking, days off daycare, extra work for you and of course, unhappy little munchkins. Being cooped up indoors doesn’t help matters either, so now that it’s spring you can stop buying tissues in bulk and bust open those windows to blow away all those nasty germs.

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3. Alfresco dining

What mum doesn’t love a family meal outside? There’s always way less mess to clear up (your pet dog, magpies or kookaburras will do that for you) and it makes a nice change of scenery from the same old dinner table. Outdoor picnics are great with little ones too – you can even make a cute game out of it and bring the teddies along for a fun alfresco tea party. Fruit like watermelons and cherries will start appearing in the shops again and are perfect for eating outdoors to avoid sticky hands inside!

4. Easier toilet training

It’s a known fact that toilet training is much easier in the warmer months. The main reasons for this are that you can let them run around naked or in their undies, which is easier for them when they need to get on the potty, and it’s less of a hassle to clean up any messy disasters (particularly if they’re spending more time outside and don’t have as many clothes on that could get soiled in the process).


5. Less clothing

Wash, wash, wash – ah, the life of a mum. Thank goodness for spring though, because when it’s warmer everyone wears less layers so there’s way less laundry to tackle. It’s also super annoying to have to wrangle little kids into all those extra items like vests, socks and jumpers when they’re wriggling and squealing; one more thing to breathe a sigh of relief about.

6. Lower electricity bills

Power bills seem to get bigger every year, especially when you have children. So when you’re not using as many lights and other electrical items like heaters, your electricity costs can take a welcome dive, leaving you more extra cash to spend on things like holidays and fun family outings.

Mother and two children outdoors playing on rug - feature

7. More outdoor play

When children are sick and it’s freezing outside, the park doesn’t seem very appealing at all – cold gusty gales, damp grass and wet slides, anyone? But now the sun’s shining it’s time to head on out for a walk or play in the fresh air. The beach is lovely this time of year as it’s not too hot, although you don’t really need to travel anywhere either – children love spending time in the garden being little helpers which will give you a chance to enjoy all those lovely spring blooms, or a cheeky nudie run under the sprinkler is always good for a laugh!

8. Warmer nights

Night feeds are so much easier when you’re not freezing your teats off, especially if you’re breastfeeding. And even if you’re beyond that stage, you might still need to get up when your child is sick or has a night terror, so if it’s a bit warmer it makes it that little bit more bearable. There’s also less need for heaters in spring, which is great for improving the air quality (less stuffy and dry) in your bub’s room, meaning they might breathe easier and therefore have a better quality of sleep.

Hooray for Spring!


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