10 things from your childhood your kids will NEVER understand

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Rewinding a VHS tape? Looking up elephants in an encyclopedia? Thanks to modern technology life has changed so much since we were kids (like it did for our own parents). So take a trip down memory lane because here are 10 things – for better or worse – our kids will NEVER get to experience or understand.

1. Making a phone call meant zero privacy

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Remember when you had to actually look up numbers in the phone book or memorise them? You’d wait by the phone for days in case your latest crush called; and if you were brave enough to phone him you'd have to talk to his parents first! Plus, that tiny phone cord meant you had to have all your phone chats in front of your family (so zero privacy).

No mobile phones also meant you had to make solid plans and arrange meeting points with friends and family before you left the house. None of this blowing off your mate at the cinema at the last minute! You knew they were waiting there for you to show up. And if the bus broke down, you hoped you had thirty cents to make a call from the dirty payphone for your mum to come pick you up.

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