Skip on wheels: Survey reveals not-so-surprising news about parents’ cars

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Since having kids, my car’s never been the same. What was once a gleaming source of pride is now a skip on wheels. All manner of things can be found in the car – some of which have been hidden so long it’s hard to know what they initially were. Gross, I know.

But, when I read a recent survey, I was relieved to see that I’m not alone. 

The findings of the survey showed that one in three parents admits to leaving mouldy fruit in their cars, along with food wrappers, drink bottles and half-eaten fast food.

Additionally, 53 percent of parents are embarrassed to give someone a lift, 45 percent of parents have refused to pick someone up because of the state of their car and 48 percent get stressed if they have to.

I can relate to all of the above. There are times when I pick up girlfriends and cringe as they step into my skip. Apologising profusely does little to make me feel better and air fresheners can only disguise so much.

However, it’s not just UFOs (unidentified food objects) in my car to be concerned about, there’s so much more.

1. Random clothes

It’s not unusual to find a pair of underpants or socks in the far-flung depths under the front passenger seats. Just to clarify, they belong to Mr 3 and are, fortunately, (for the most part) always clean. But, how long they’ve been there is anyone’s guess. The only clue is the number of crumbs they’re covered in.

2. Half the beach

No matter how much you shower off kids before leaving the beach, they still bring half of it home. They get sand in places where it just shouldn’t be, and it’s much the same in the car. EVERY.SINGLE.CREVICE is sprinkled, and the floor’s like a man-made beach.

3. Toys

Much like my kid’s rooms, a car is a place where toys go to die. Toys from fast food places (which I hardly ever frequent…cough cough) are discarded on the floor, previously loved plastic fantastic is lost between seats and it’s not uncommon to sit on some LEGO. 

Three children in backseat of car playing - feature

4. Forms and paperwork

Permission slips and paperwork for school are frequently getting misplaced in the car. Like the hidden socks and pants, crumpled forms are often found under seats, in-seat pockets or shoved between seat crevices. By the time they’re found, the ‘must sign for’ event has long gone, and my son’s missed out.

5. Dog fur

Regardless of how much you vacuum your car, it’s impossible to get rid of all the dog fur. It clings to everything and everyone. As soon as you get rid of it, the dog gets in the car and the cycle starts again. And let’s not even mention the smell.

6. Precious rocks and other paraphernalia

You don’t have to look too far in my car for a ‘special’ rock, leaf, feather or another completely useless, unwanted and unnecessary item. Such precious items that just HAD to come home with us on a particular day have now been long forgotten, yet never removed. In fact, they’ve simply been buried under some more.


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