Pink’s husband Carey Hart sends a message to the ‘parent police’

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Carey Hart and Pink have – like many other celebrity parents – run the gamut of criticism via Instagram. Carey’s latest update addressed these ‘parent police’ directly.

“Don’t worry parent police”

Posting photos of himself on a dirt bike ride with his two-year-old son Jameson, Carey preempted comments about his baby’s safety with a firm comment of his own.

“Jamo has his race face on,” Carey captioned the shot on Instagram. “Don’t worry parent police, I’m a professional. #BeADadNotAFad

“Awesome day riding motorcycles w/ the family at Castillo Ranch. Jamo is dirt bike crazy, and got to take him on some fun rides. Willow and mama Pink were charging the track. Love days like this!!!!” he wrote in a second set of photos showing the family’s day on the track.

Carey Hart's Instagram comments

Jameson is the spitting image of his seven-year-old big sister Willow in the shots, and is wearing a cycling helmet and no eye protection, which of course some people took issue with.

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“Keep up the great parenting!”

On the whole, though, Carey’s followers absolutely loved catching a glimpse of the family’s big and bike-y day out. They praised the dad-of-two for having adventures with his kids and suggested he continue to laugh in the face of busy-bodies.

“Keep doing what you’re doing,” one follower wrote. “You are an amazing dad to your kids. My dad had me on bikes from a very young age. I had my daughter on a bike with me from 10 months old. She absolutely loved it.”

“Did this with all my kids they loved it,” another bike fan posted. “The start of a great life with motorcycles.”

“Not every parent spends time with their children,” someone else pointed out. “They will appreciate this when they get older. Keep on showing them your (and Pink’s) passions – the crap people throw at you is just that – crap. Keep up the great parenting!!”

These guys look like they have so much fun together. Good on Carey for ignoring the critics and having a rad time with his kiddos.


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