Pink’s daughter Willow NEVER cries and we know you have questions

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Pink is one of our favourite celebrity mums, and her latest reveal about daughter Willow only serves to make us admire her strong and sensitive sass even more.

“Willow won’t cry ever”

Pink’s on tour at the moment, with her family in tow, and is about to appear on the cover of Redbook Magazine’s June issue. As is the tradition with such covers, she’s chatted to the magazine in a little more depth, speaking about how the rigours of a performing career mesh with the challenges of being a mother of two.

We heard a little about her relationship with daughter Willow in the wake of last year’s VMAs (where Pink made a famous speech about diversity and acceptance). Adding a little more to the Willow-Mama story, she’s now chatted to Redbook about the differences between her daughter’s character and her own.

She admits that Willow deals with life very differently, and it’s hard to fathom … and a little isolating.

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“You have to learn to let me in”

“Willow won’t cry ever, and it annoys me to no end,” Pink said, noting that sometimes the parent-child roles are reversed a little, when she particularly feels the need to be heard …

“One day I had a sit-in at her school because I knew she was upset and she wouldn’t talk to me. I sat down on the pavement and I was like, ‘I’m not moving until you tell me about your feelings, because this is going to be a lifelong conversation for you and me and you have to learn to let me in.'”

“Without batting an eye, she goes, ‘I promise to tell you more about my feelings if you promise to tell me less about yours.'”

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“Not going to happen”

It’s obvious that while this mother-daughter duo handle things very differently, they have the very same clarity when it comes to self-awareness.

Pink admits she heard what her daughter said, but was not so keen to comply!

“In my head I was like, ‘Holy sh*t!’ But I said: ‘Not going to happen. People pay me for my feelings.'”

Parenting is a steep learning curve for sure, but Pink notes that she’s learning a lot from her kids and it’s making her a better person. She’s working hard at accepting their differences, but it’s not easy going, she admits.

“She processes differently than I do and it’s teaching me a lot about how to deal with people. I process out loud. She does it inside and it scares me a little, but I have to let her go through her process.”

Same, same but different

It’s ace that this great mum talks openly about how tricky parenting can be, and we have to say we loved hearing a little more about finding common ground when there are big differences in familial personalities.

Also, so often we focus on the the qualities in our kids that mirror ourselves, but isn’t it brilliant to celebrate the differences too?!

(Now here’s a delightful clip of Pink’s son Jameson, in case you needed a giggling baby to cheer you up!)

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