Osher Günsburg’s wise words about this taboo topic has us nodding our heads

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Osher Günsburg is a national treasure. We just adore him. And now he’s a doting new dad to ten-week-old baby Wolfgang!

But right when you think you couldn’t love him any more, he’s spoken some wise words in an interview about why it’s never OK to ask when a couple is having kids.

And he is so damn right.

When are you having another baby?

In the candid interview with Now to Love, the new dad spoke about people asking him and his wife, Audrey when they will be adding to their brood.

Osher and Audrey are parents to Audrey’s child, Georgia, from a previous relationship and Wolfgang (‘Wolfie’) who they welcomed into their family only ten weeks ago.

While he is absolutely besotted by fatherhood, there is one thing he doesn’t think is ever OK to ask a couple when it comes to babies.

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Wolfie thrilled to be so loved at seven weeks old today.

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Inappropriate question

In the interview, Osher may have been asked when he and his wife are planning on having another baby – because that’s what all sleep-deprived parents of a newborn are thinking about! Or he may have been asked how he feels about Audrey being asked the inappropriate question, which going by his answer, seems to be the case.

“I don’t think that’s a very fair question,” he said during a chat with Now to Love.

“I think we need to be really mindful of asking people this question, because you have no idea what a woman’s undercarriage looks like when you’re asking that question, you know? You never know how hard it was for someone to conceive,” he said.

Clap, clap, clap.

“You never know that this might be them crossing the final baby marathon finish line of their life and they go ‘no I’m never doing that s—t ever again’. So it’s so important to be mindful of that.”

So true. It’s such a personal question and really, there are many reasons a couple might not want to talk about it. It actually should be taboo.

So please, just don’t ask, people!

Putting it out there

We are really happy Osher responded in this way as he’s another celebrity who is shutting the question down.

“What we’ve now done, is we’ve put out into the public the idea that maybe that conversation or that question isn’t as OK to ask as we thought it was.”

That said, Osher did still answer it, but only after asking everyone to stop and think before they ask.

“I will be in the butcher in December and the shop is getting closed,” he says, suggesting a vasectomy is booked in.

Thank you, Osher, for being you, and for these wise words! So on point.

Read the full interview where Osher also chats candidly about his mental health over at Now to Love.


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