Oh no he didn’t! 8 things expecting dads should NEVER do or say (we mean it!)

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Being pregnant is tough and the last thing expecting mamas need is for their delightful partners to start acting like clowns. So listen up all you dads-to-be! Here’s a list of exactly what NOT to do when your wife or girlfriend has a bun in the oven (if you want to live that is).

1. Be a stress head

This is not the time to be freaking out over finances, living arrangements, becoming a parent, your job or anything for that matter. If there’s something to be concerned about or that needs attending to, bring it up calmly and try and work out a solution together. Stress is bad for a pregnant woman and she doesn’t need to be burdened by your incessant worrying.

2. Drink excessively

She’s eating for two so you drink for two? NO! That is not how it works. Just because you have a designated driver now it doesn’t mean you can abuse the situation and rub your alcohol privileges in her face. And what about staying sober in case you need to make a mad dash to the hospital (or KFC)? Chances are she’s not getting much sleep and doesn’t need your alcohol-fueled snores and booze breath taking over the bed.


3. Become lazy

There is lots of stuff to be done before a baby arrives so hop to it, mister! While you shouldn’t be expected to do everything, of course. It’s extremely helpful if you take the lead on things like sorting out the baby’s cot and pram, and doing more chores around the house – particularly if she has bad morning sickness. If you’re being a lazy bum she will get cranky, fast. And it could be bad for the baby.

4. Say YOU feel sick and tired

This isn’t a joke. For some insane reason, many of you guys actually develop a condition called Couvade Syndrome, where you mirror your partner’s pregnancy symptoms. Yep, that’s nausea, tiredness, vomiting and sore backs. While you may indeed feel like poo, remember that she’s the one actually carrying the baby, so try to not harp on about it too much. You may find that your symptoms go away once you realise what’s happening.

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5. Say she looks big

Bumps come in all shapes and sizes and there is so much happening with her body so don’t even go there when it comes to commenting on her physical appearance. She really doesn’t need to feel self-conscious right now. And while we’re at it, so what if her hair needs doing or she only feels like wearing trackies for the entire last trimester? You say NOTHING.

pregnant couple fighting bed

6. Expect lots of nookie

Okay sure, some pregnant women experience a surge in their sex drive but this does not apply to everyone! So don’t just assume there’s going to be more sexy times than usual (or even the same let’s be honest). She will feel sick, like a bloated whale and have many aches and pains so if she doesn’t feel in the mood then you zip it, buddy. 

7. Be absent

Do not stay late at work, go out drinking with the boys every night or disappear on five-hour surfing sessions. She needs you right now, even if you’re just sitting around watching Netflix. And if you’re trying to dodge the effects of her pregnancy hormones which might be making her a ‘little on edge,’ trust us, if you go AWOL right now you ain’t seen nothing yet.


8. Complain when she needs something

If she needs her puffed up, incredibly sore cankles and tootsies rubbed every night then you darn well do it! Or if she suddenly feels like spaghetti, then you help her whip that up or pick that up. Whatever she wants or you can see that she needs, you have to be her helper, wing-man, butler, researcher, shoulder to cry on, masseuse, driver – whatever it takes, because you’re her partner and you’re having a baby!

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