Nicole Richie’s daughter drew the perfect portrait of her fed-up mum

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Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are parents to eight-year-old Sparrow and 10-year-old Harlow, and the designer mum often shares funny glimpses of their life together, online.

Luck of the draw

There was the time she danced with the family’s pet lizard, Speedy. And the time she shared an intimate heart to heart with her chicken. Don’t forget the time with the vagina sage-ing. Also the time with the turtle

Nicole’s latest cute upload involves her eldest child, daughter Harlow. Harlow’s done a drawing of her mum, and honestly, it’s an arresting representation of how a child sees her mother.

Thankfully, Nicole shared vision of this drawing on Instagram. In her post, she pans across the carefully sketched rendering of herself, so that we may share in its genius. It’s probable that she’s gobsmacked by the uncanny likeness, the light, the line. Let us take you through it.

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My daughter drew a picture of me last night. Happy Monday!

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“Just go to bed”

First, we see the word “mommy”. Naw. Cute.

Then we spot an arrow. It’s gesturing down to … a pencilled and very, very, VERY wide-eyed Nicole. If you thought you understood the definition of “wide-eyed” you might want to rethink things. In fact, we have it on good authority that when you look up “wide-eyed” you simply find this image of Nicole.

Perhaps you think the fun stops at Harlow’s neatly-drawn mommy? Nope. Next, our eye is drawn across Sketchy Nicole’s face to a speech bubble. Harlow has captured her mum speaking out, in full night-time flight. In fact she’s crossly muttering an age-old parent mantra: “JUST GO TO BED”.

“That’s me every day”

The parents of Instagram could relate, seeing themselves in the glaring-muttering-fed-up sketch.

“That’s me every day, 6:00 go to bed!” one commenter posted.

“The look that says ‘go to bed if you know what is good for you!'” another follower wrote.

A third, however, couldn’t quite get past the eyes “Well … you look very alert!”

Nicole was recently in Australia, as husband Joel was on the road with his band Good Charlotte, and her dad, Lionel Richie, was on tour too. Harper and Sparrow joined their parents on our sunny shores, and we’re guessing their jaunt was a little different from the family trips we might take (but possibly equally fun-filled).

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Until next time #Australia ✌????

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