New dad Sam Wood’s funny parenting fail captured on video (by Snez!)

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Okay, look … If you’re a new parent, you’ve been where Sam is right about now. Heading out and about, feeling like you’re kind of nailing things, only to arrive home and realise that you’ve been living a lie!

Captured for posterity

Sam’s partner Snez captured this footage of the fitness superstar arriving home with the shopping. The new dad appears to be handling the weekly shop like a boss – until you realise he’s got a baby’s bib velcro-ed to his bottom.

Snez can barely keep the camera steady as she unleashes snorts of delight and films him crossing the room and depositing the shopping – all with butt bib firmly attached.

“What, what is it?” the oblivious dad asks.

“I can’t breathe!” a by now wheezing and hysterical Snez offers, continuing to document the butt bib. For posterity.

He plonks the shopping down and quickly rushes to grab Snez’s phone and see what all the fuss is about.

“When you go to the supermarket for an hour, pushing your trolley around and then get home to be told you have a bib stuck to your butt,” he posted later on Instagram and honestly we felt a little bit sorry for him, through the chortles. 

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Sympathy and shame

Snez and Sam are parents to two children – twelve-year-old Eve and 8-month-old Willow – and share plenty of glimpses of family life via their Instagram accounts. Granted they’re not usually as butt focuses as this one, but it’s clear they’ll go there on special occasions.

Sam’s followers were as delighted as Snez was when they saw this clip. They shared their own stories of leaving the house looking like a hot mess and everyone instantly felt less alone. Including Sam, we think

“This is couple goals. Relentlessly laughing at your partner/filming their misfortune while they carry the groceries in. I hope my future husband realises that’s what dating me will be like.”

“My brother-in-law recently went to the supermarket and ran into some mates while there … only to get home and realise he had bows in his hair from his two girls.”

“If this doesn’t sum up parenting then I don’t know what does.”

“Jacob’s slipper was stuck to my cardigan the other day.” (Our personal favourite!)

“Well in fairness there could have been a whole lot worse things sticking to this butt!”

Stop it, m8!

Others still were very concerned about Sam’s shopping bags. Because it’s the internet and the notion that maybe someone forgot their bags this one time does not matter to those who must be heard.

“Yeah, you had a bib stuck to ur butt, but we ignoring the fact that he can bring in 10457 bags of shopping in one trip!”

“Where’s ya reusable bags m8?”

“He really should buy some reusable bags!”

Still, so great that people care passionately about moving away from plastic bag usage. Just maybe don’t shout it at other people on the socials? A polite and good-humoured private message is a much nicer idea?


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