My kids went berserk for two weeks and then I found out why

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Little kids are always going to be a bit of handful, and my boys are no exception. However, when they suddenly started acting whacky, I knew something wasn’t quite right. Turns out my toddler and preschooler had a secret ritual going on, and it wasn’t good.

Crazy days

Having three boys has meant it’s always full of over-the-top behaviour. The eldest two are only 19 months apart, so when they were a bit younger – around the ages of two and three – they were serious double trouble.

One morning, they started acting particularly hyperactive (more so than usual!). My husband and I were a bit confused about this new behaviour, but we just put it down to their ages and energy. But then it happened again later that day, and again the next day – for no obvious reason.

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Confused and clueless

The antics continued for several weeks. We weren’t giving them anything crazy to eat or drink or letting them stay up late watching TV or playing games. So why the odd behaviour? We just couldn’t put our finger on it. Was this just what little boys were like? Out of control and bouncing off the walls? Nope! We suspected drugs. We just had to find their supply. 

Sweet lord

After scratching our heads for a fortnight (and quietly going insane in the process), we finally caught our two rascals in the act. 

What they were doing was this: whenever we weren’t in the kitchen, the eldest one was climbing up onto the bench and grabbing the sugar bowl, dishing out spoonfuls for himself and his younger brother to gulp down, and then putting it back in its place. Those cheeky monkeys! No wonder they’d been acting like mini crackheads. I should have known from all the sugar refills I’d had to do!

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Busted, big time

When they were eventually busted mid-sugar snaffle, my boys laughed hysterically and sprayed sugar all over the floor. Trying not to look too amused, we eventually got the older one to admit they’d been doing it for weeks because “it’s so yummy’.”

Well, a handy parenting lesson was learnt here, folks! Hint: if you have a sugar bowl, then for heaven’s sake, keep it up high and well out of reach. 

The same goes for the honey because those preschoolers are craftier than you think!


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