Mum-to-be tells parents-in-law not to speak about her baby – for good reason

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A pregnant mum-to-be has issued her parents-in-law with an ultimatum after they’ve repeatedly refused to respect her wishes.

“We really don’t appreciate it”

Posting on the popular forum Reddit, this mum noted that she and her husband have settled on a name they both like – after months of debate – and that name is ‘Keiran’.

But the future grandparents have their own thoughts on what this baby should be named. They’ve decided to call the baby ‘Finlay’ instead and are totally running with their own choice. How. Blinking. Rude.

“Every time we see them, they shout ‘Hi, Finlay! Grandma/grandpa loves you so much, Finlay!’ at my stomach at every opportunity,” this frustrated mum wrote on Reddit.

“This has been going on for about 3 months now, and both my husband and I have voiced several times that we really don’t appreciate it.”

With the baby about to arrive, the mum-to-be has issued some firm instructions to her parents-in-law – to respect their baby’s actual name or stop speaking about him altogether.

“Yesterday, after listening to my MIL and FIL talk about ‘Finlay’ for an hour I finally snapped,” she admitted noting she “told them they are not to speak to me about my son until they can either call him ‘Kieran’ or something less personal such as ‘the baby’ or ‘the bump.'”

Their response? They were “really offended” and accused their daughter-in-law of “ruining their experience” of grandparenting.

Lots of shouting ensued and this mum-to-be’s hubby eventually told his parents to leave because things are getting out of hand.

A cautionary tale?

The good folk of Reddit could not believe this situation and agreed that the grandparents were totally out of order.

“If anything, they’re ruining the future parents of the child’s experience,” one person wrote. “The first act of parenthood is naming your baby whatever you want, and they’re trying to take that away and ruin it for them.”

Someone else suggested this was a bit of a cautionary tale for other parents.

“This is why you NEVER tell anyone about your chosen baby name until the snowflake has been born and it’s too late for them to do/say crap about it.”

And others still? They thought that this spat was foreshadowing plenty of future tussles with these mouthy grandparents.

“You need to set ground rules now,” one Reddit user advised. “If they are this bad when the baby is still in the womb, they will be unbearable once he is born.”

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