Mum claps back when person at church asks if her kids have the same father

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A woman was minding her own business at a church function with her children when someone piped up with a really intrusive question. Now the stickybeak is wondering where they went wrong.

Unreasonable or just curious?

Posting on the popular forum Reddit, the stickybeak explained what had happened.

“I was at an event for my church and I met this younger girl with 2 kids who looked nothing alike,” the person writes.

“I asked who they were and she said they were her kids. We got to talking and I was curious so I asked her if her kids had the same father because they look nothing alike. She got upset and called me a misogynist and left.”

They then asked if questioning the kids’ parentage was really the wrong move – or if their curiosity and probing question was warranted.

Mind your own beeswax

The internet responded with some very firm ideas.

“It’s absolutely none of your business,” one commenter posted. “If you don’t know that you’re really bad at being a person.”

“You have no idea what her situation is,” someone else pointed out. “You could have stirred up some traumatic memories for her. Mind your own business in the future.”

“Maybe you were right,” another person suggested, “but actually regardless of whether you were, that is not an appropriate question to ask someone you just met.”

Same, same but different

Lots of people noted that siblings don’t always look the same – and this shouldn’t be a catalyst for insensitive chatter.

“I have two daughters,” one mum posted. “One is my husband’s clone. One is my clone. They don’t really even look like sisters…but yes they have the same father.”

“Genetics are amazing,” another woman commented. “Our baby has so many of my husband’s family’s features, but her eyes and pale complexion make her look a lot more like me even though his family is African and I’m Caucasian.”

“I have twins, a boy and a girl and they look so different,” a Reddit parent posted. “The girl has a rosy pink complexion, brunette straight hair, very petite. The boy is a golden complexion, yellow/almost white curly hair and he’s a big tank of a thing. They were literally conceived at roughly the same time and pushed out minutes apart from each other. Don’t look like siblings at all.”

“My husband looks nothing like his brother,” a woman explained. “But they definitely look like their parents’ kids. Genes are weird.”

Genes are weird. And stickybeaks? They are weird too!


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