Mechanic? Lawyer? Actor? 6 careers I can totally see my child having

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Do you ever just look at your little ones, examine their habits and interests and envisage the life they could potentially grow to have?

When talk doesn’t centre around toilet training, food frustrations or sleep deprivation, I find many conversations I have with family, friends and even complete strangers involve predictions for our children’s future career goals.

Here’s some of the fun observations I’ve noted.

1. Mechanic in the making

“He loves examining how things work; he will definitely be a mechanic when he grows up”

From as far back as I can remember, my son has always been interested in knowing how things work. Even before he could walk, he would take any toy, examine all of its sides, run his finger along any grooves, touch all the screws and hinges and examine all the moving parts.

He was given a toy lawnmower and immediately turned it upside down to find where the sound came from, and closely watched to see what happened each time he pressed any of the individual buttons and levers. I lost count of the times people said he was a mechanic in the making but at one point it seemed so likely that even I was saying it to strangers I met in the park.

2. Destined to be a doctor

“She is so nurturing, no doubt destined to be a doctor”

After watching the sweetest little girl, aged four, tending to scrapes and scratches (some imaginary) on other kids at a public playground, I got to talking to her mother. Apparently this nurturing nature had long been a dominant characteristic of her daughter, who is the eldest of three.

She told me her daughter was fascinated with understanding how the human body works and had expressed many times how much she wanted to ‘help make sick people better’.

3. Born to perform

“He loves being the centre of attention; he is destined to be a performer, I am sure of it”

This seems to be a pretty common one. When I was growing up, my mum often predicted this for me, although it was usually after declaring me a drama queen post-tantrum.

Since becoming a parent, I have watched my son’s love for the spotlight develop but also heard many of my parent friends say the same about their little ones – who knew so many four-year-olds held such little inhibition?!

Toddler dress ups as pilot

4. Pilot prediction

“He’s always got his eye on the sky, he’ll definitely be a pilot one day”

I can’t help but smile when I remember having this conversation with a mum at a playgroup after her son collided with another child while he was pretending to be an aeroplane.

She told me he regularly snuck books belonging to his dad from the shelf that featured various planes, and could always steer any conversation towards the topic.

5. Likely a lawyer

“She could win any argument – a definite lawyer in the making”

Lining up with my son to buy tickets to a movie, I could hear a young girl, no more than four or five, presenting a very considered argument as to why her dad and two brothers should see the movie of her choice, instead of the one they seemed to be favouring.

Her tone was strong, and a little intimidating if I am honest, but not in any way rude. For every point they made, she was quick with her rebuttal and she made some pretty detailed and valid observations.

The best part about it was seeing the pride in her dad’s eyes.

6. Future leader/prime minister

“Whatever she grows up to do, I am sure she’ll be in charge. She could even be prime minister one day”

It’s amazing how many of us can draw parallels between the behaviour of children and politicians … okay, so maybe it’s not that much of a stretch. But there is no doubt some children actually possess the characteristics we would all love our leaders to share.

One of my closest friends has a little girl with a heart of gold, a very stubborn streak and always determined for her voice to be heard. Even though she is not quite four-years-old, I have no trouble imagining her standing at a lectern and speaking her mind to the masses one day.


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