May the 4th be with them: Star Wars fans welcome geekily-named twins on May 4

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New parents Kendall and Ross Robbins have welcomed cutely-named twins on the very same day Star Wars fans celebrate the wildly popular franchise across the globe.

May the fourth be with us!

When the Utah-based couple found out they are expecting a baby boy and a girl, they knew immediately that they’d use Luke and Leia – the famous Star Wars character names – as their middle names. (If you’re catching up on your galactic fun facts, it’s good to note that Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia were twin siblings featured in the films.)

Circumstances meant they were able to schedule their babies’ induction for Star Wars Day on May 4th, and tiny Rowan Luke and Kai Leia made their appearance – happy and healthy – in peak Star Wars style.

“As soon as we knew that there was a chance they were May the 4th babies, it was like, all right, that’s happening,” excited dad Ross told Fox13 News.

Posted by Intermountain McKay-Dee Hospital on Saturday, 5 May 2018

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Peak bonkers? Not really, says mum

While this might seem like fandom gone a little crazy, the babies’ mum says there’s a heap of bigger messages in the Star Wars movies, and taking inspiration from the franchise makes a lot of sense. 

“What we love about Star Wars is how it can bring people together from all walks of life regardless of their backgrounds,” new mum Kendall told parenting site, Babble.

“There are valid life lessons from a galaxy far, far away that can be applied in your daily life. The sheer vastness of what has become the Star Wars Universe, with countless characters and locations, each with their own backstory and how they all overlap.”

The couple have decorated the twins’ nursery with a Star Wars theme, as their proud mum confirms that, yes, “the force is strong with them.”


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