Lara Worthington talks 3rd pregnancy, fave podcasts and her ‘golden’ mum rule

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A couple of months ago the tabloids decided Lara Bingle Worthington was pregnant and devoted quite a lot of column space to the exciting news.

Baby number three?

Turns out, however, that they are fibbers. Lara’s NOT pregnant at all and was quite happy to debunk the rumours as she chatted with fans.

Killing time on a flight yesterday, she shared more detail on this misreporting – and lots of other things – in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ with her Instagram followers. 

Lara Bingle Insta

Lara and her actor husband Sam Worthington are already parents to two little boys – three-year-old Rocket and two-year-old Racer – and the model mum urged her followers to view any news about her with caution.

“Are you expecting your third child?” an Instagram follower asked straight out, possibly hoping to confirm/deny all those baby bump reports.

“No,” was Lara’s categorical response. “Please never believe everything you read.” 

Lara Bingle Insta 

Watch this … face!

Lara revealed that fans really shouldn’t have any trouble confirming a future pregnancy, if they’re in the know.

“I got pigmentation SO bad both pregnancies (you’ll know if I’m pregnant again)” she told followers.

When asked about how she avoided gaining unwanted extra weight during pregnancy she replied: “Umm I didn’t,” illustrating the point with a whale emoji. 

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After sharing the podcasts she’s listening to right now – Second Life, How I Built This, Desert Island Discs, The Teacher’s Pet, Women of the Hour, Goop – Lara shared some hard-learned advice for younger women.

“You have to allow yourself to make mistakes and grow from them. I made so many! But I try to remember what each taught me and do better next time,” Lara explained.

“And listen to your instincts,” she added. “Women have super intuition powers. I listened to a lot of people who gave me bad advice and I wish I’d been more aware of my instincts.”

“Golden piece of mummy advice”

Lara says living a purposeful and productive life was high on her list of priorities.

“I want to be a good role model for my sons,” she said. “Make my husband proud. Leave a good footprint behind. I always want to improve. That motivates me.”

One fan asked for “one golden piece of mummy advice please?”

Lara’s response was this: “No matter what anyone tells you – even your own mum or best friend. It’s so different for every woman. There’s never a right way or a better way. It’s your way. JDI [Just do it].”

You can see the whole AMA exchange below. #YoureWelcome!

Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta Lara Bingle insta


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