Kristen Bell’s crap morning routine with kids will have you saying “same, same”

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Kristen Bell’s just opened up about her terrible her mornings with kids are and it might have you feeling a little better about your own am chaos. Research tells us that 145 percent of parents leave the house screaming internally, so it’s heartening to know that the fancy folk are in the trenches with us.

“It’s miserable”

The Bad Moms star – who is mum to daughters Lincoln and Delta with fellow actor Dax Shepard – said basically her mornings are the total mother-flipping worst.

“It’s miserable,” she told PopSugar. “It’s awful no matter who’s doing what. And I’ll tell you right now, the 3 – and 5-year-old isn’t doing jack.”

When asked just how bad things can get, Kristen said it varies wildly.

“It depends on their emotional stability, it depends on their attitude toward each other, toward life. It depends on their developmental stage.”

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Kirsten says the day starts very reliably – and then descends into chaos at breakneck speed.

“I go right for coffee, and I’m very candid with my children that I don’t want to speak to them about anything before I have that coffee, and they know it.”

Following coffee, the family’s morning goes a little like this …

  1. “Usually I try to get them dressed because they’re in the bedroom, so we might as well knock a couple things off our list that happen in the bedroom.” This makes a lot of sense. So far, so good.
  2. “Then it’s breakfast,” she says. So far, so also us.
  3. “Then they have about a half-hour of playtime while I feed the dog, brush my teeth, put some semblance of sunscreen and pants on to attend preschool.” Seems legit.
  4. “Getting them in the car is really the hardest part because once those kids have woken up and rediscovered their thirst for life like they do every morning, they’re just running in circles, and I’m like ‘Stop, stop, stop. Put your seatbelt on. Put your seatbelt on. Put your shoes back on. Put them back on. Take her shoes off and put yours back on. No, put your lunch away, we’re not at school yet.'” Oh dear lord, yep!

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Basically, it’s a shit show and Kirsten politely says she’s outnumbered and they’re freaking doing it on purpose – “They really challenge me — they try to make it as difficult as possible.”

“Same. Gosh-darned. Same,” sobs every mum of small children. #Soli-freaking-darity


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