Kourtney Kardashian Insta-shamed for her “bad” parenting

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Sigh. Really? Yep. The quietest of the Kardashian sisters (or as Kim scathingly alleged “the least interesting”) has incurred the wrath of the perfect parents of Instagram.

Reign shame

Kourt shared a photo of herself multitasking poolside, MacBook Pro propped on her lap and three-year-old son Reign just out of the water and dripping by her side.

“Christmas shopping,” she captioned the photo – and honestly that’s how we do it too, so same-same Kourt!

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Christmas shopping

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Of course, no update will pass the mummy shamers by. After careful consideration, they decided that it was preschooler Reign that would be the target of their venom.

“Reign needs a haircut,” one follower decided.

“I keep thinking Reign is a girl,” someone ill-informed posted.

“Cut his hair!” a rude person demanded.

“Is that a boy or girl?” another silly billy wrote.

Hm. Weird, right? I mean, it’s clear that we’re moving well away from outdated gender stereotypes, and misguided to think that HAIR denotes a child’s sex anyway. Why should pretty long hair be the domain of little girls only? There are plenty of grown men AND women with longer hair, it should also be said.

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Any excuse

Not content with making fun of Reign’s hair, some bored types decided to go in even harder. Ignoring the fact that Reign has arms and there is a towel RIGHT behind him, they accused Kourt of denying him a towel … and of terrible parenting in general.

“When INTERNET is more important than your kids,” one judgemental person asserted.

“Your baby looks cold maybe you should get him a towel instead of shopping?” another wrote.

“The girl is feeling cold and u are browsing instead of giving her a towel to cover herself. Child abuse,” someone very confused spat.


Honestly, the sport of piling venom on high profile people is totally out of hand. Especially when kids are now fair game simply because they’re connected to the Kardashians.

We saw this horrible practice reach a new low a few months ago with the shaming of baby True Thompson, with some asserting her skin colour was worthy of criticism. It’s clear that people will stop at nothing – and that celebs would do well to turn the comments off on posts that feature their children.

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