Khloé Kardashian slams ratbags who shamed her for leaving her baby

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Khloé Kardashian has hit back at critics who asserted she should be home with her three-month-old baby at all times – and yassss queen!

Mummy shamers are at a high right now

And honestly, if a woman decides to leave the house without her children, it’s nobody’s business and let’s assume she’s doing what’s right for her? Is it 1952? No it is not.

Khloé feels just the same, taking to Twitter in exasperation to explain why she dared to leave the house without baby True. It’s sadly probable that Khloé is used to the constant criticism thrown her way, and very possible she’s only raising the issue because it promotes outdated attitudes to mothers rights.

“Mommy shamers are at a high right now,” Khloé posted. “I’m sick, at a charity event and I’m getting slack for being here because I have a baby? Her dad is watching her while I’m trying to bring awareness to an amazing organization. But either way, what’s wrong with a new mom letting daddy take over for a few hours?”

Khloé was appearing at a City of Hope charity event. City of Hope is a non-profit cancer treatment and research centre.

Women just cannot win

Khloé’s followers were totally supportive of her quest to live her life in the way she chooses. They had many thoughts on the pressure women are under to be all things to all people in their lives (except themselves!)

“Women just cannot win,” one wrote. “Shamed for not wanting kids, shamed for having them and going back to work, shamed for having them and staying at home. We’re always damned if we do and damned if we don’t. And it’s usually other women doing the shaming.”

“I think that one of the most important things a new mom can do is ensure that she maintains her own separate identity,” another posted. “Being a mom is a huge bonus, but it’s not the core of who you are as a person.”

“For a few hours!?!?!?” a follower posted incredulously. “Taking over !?!? It’s called parenting lol. There is NOTHING wrong with a father doing his job. Enjoy your night, and MANY more.”

“The worst is when people say ‘is daddy babysitting?'” another mum seethed. “No he’s just being a f*ckin parent same as me.”

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Default Parent Syndrome

Khloé’s frustration is clear, and even her language suggests it’s primarily ‘her job’ to care for True. It’s another chapter in the Default Parent Files, where there’s an entrenched assumption that women will take the reins when it comes to childcare – and men are seen to be helpfully ‘pitching in’ rather than fulfilling the parenting role they signed up for.

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Last week, Australian blogger Constance Hall raised a related issue, noting that women are expected to bear the heftier load.

“The other day I was giving my husband a kick up the arse to get ready quicker so we weren’t late,” Constance posted. “And he turns to me and says … ‘Calm down, I’ve been looking after the baby all morning…. for you.’ Wait what? For who? Oh me? Doing me a favour? Hang on should I get you some cash? What’s the rate for a babysitter these days, $16 an hour?”

“I don’t say this to bag blokes. I say it because equality doesn’t mean shit if it doesn’t start in the home and what better place to start showing your kids what equality looks like then when they first arrive on this beautiful world.”

While many loved Constance’s post and thought she spoke the truth, a surprising number of people on our Facebook page asserted that a woman’s place was indeed in the home.

There’s obviously still much work to be done …


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