Kate makes new little friends and shares George and Charlotte’s scary obsession

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Shudder! Duchess Kate returned from maternity leave yesterday, popping up at the most delightful engagement at Paddington’s Sayers Croft Forest School and Wildlife Garden. 

A mini-beast hunt

Social media is alight with photos from the Duchess’ adorable day out – and the internet’s abuzz with the new friends she made – and the new George and Charlotte facts she spilled.

Dressed down in boots, jeans and anorak, the Duchess played with children in the facility’s wildlife garden and chatted to them about the natural world.

Zoe Stroud is the interim Head of the school and she told People Magazine that Kate “was lovely – although she said the only mini beast she managed to find on the hunt was a slug! But she did see a frog under a log.”

Looking for spiders

During the walkabout, Kate met some babies, accepted posies of flowers and helped the children look for creatures as part of the school’s educational program.

“Who has found a spider?” she asked. “Has anyone found a spider? You have – a big one or a little one?” 

She then told her new little friends that she also helps George and Charlotte look for spiders “for hours”, confirming that the eight-legged critters are her children’s’ latest obsession.

Hello Magazine reports that the Duchess was particularly charmed when one little girl said she planned to find a snake.

Kate then sat in on story time, planted seeds and helped the children make gorgeous crowns from leaves in the garden.

“Look I made this,” a little boy tells Kate, Hello Magazine reported.

 “It’s so pretty, so pretty. Those leaves look like jewels. They are amazing,” she responded.

The photos from this engagement are truly lovely and show Kate’s genuine affinity with children. And also with spiders. Gulp.

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