Jessica Alba’s mum mistakes: “That’s probably bad parenting!”

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Actor and The Honest Company founder, Jessica Alba is somehow juggling her screen career, a multi-million dollar business AND three cute kiddos. While she’s at the tip-top of the pile work-wise, this industrious mum says it’s required a lot of grit and determination – and chatter about bums.

Acting, pumping, business-ing

Jess and husband Cash Warren are parents to ten-year-old Honor, six-year-old Haven and 7-month-old Hayes. She’s just circled back to TV, appearing in a pilot for L.A.’s Finest, after a very long hiatus. Speaking to InStyle Magazine for their July cover story, Jess says she had always intended to pop up on telly again, but hadn’t imagined she’d be shooting a series just weeks after giving birth.

“My heart is with entertainment, acting, performing, and that world. I knew it was a matter of time. I just didn’t know it was going to be two months after having a baby,” she explained.

Between scenes, she was pumping milk for her baby, which “wasn’t that fun,” she admitted. “I’d bring Hayes to the set, and he’d be with me in the trailer. He’s so sweet.”

Pushing hard, screwing up

When the conversation turned to facing life’s challenges and dealing with trolls, Jess was resolute.

“There are always haters, and my goals are not small ones. I just want to live a full life and stay curious and challenge myself. I want my kids to see me push outside my comfort zone,” she noted.

“Sometimes that means making mistakes and admitting them, which is especially hard in front of your kids.”

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Jess says she’s still learning on the fly and that mistakes are part and parcel of life – especially when it comes to raising her kids.

“I make them all the time! I have this terrible habit: Whenever my kids ask me to find something, they’re like, ‘Mom, where’s my …’ you know, backpack, toothbrush, whatever. And I just say, ‘Up your butt,’ and that’s probably bad parenting. But they got to a certain age where I’m like, ‘That’s where it is: It’s up your butt.'”

I mean, we’ve all been there. 

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Tapping out of the hustle with Family Fridays

While Jess’s The Honest Company really is a corporate juggernaut now, thanks to her hard work and dedication, she says making time to retreat and regroup with her kiddos and husband is key – especially since she became a mum for the third time.

“I’ve been driven toward goals my whole life, and I didn’t stop and smell the roses – ever,” she admitted. “I slowed down for a second when I had Honor and Haven, but then I was right back in the hustle.”

“I made a concerted effort with Hayes to appreciate the quieter moments. I had to slow down when I was pregnant, so now we have a new tradition called Family Fridays. It’s our game night. We get on teams and play Clue. Honor is really good. I love when she wins – she’s strategic.”

Kinda want to go to Family Fridays at Jess’s place now …



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