“I’m crying because Teddy found the clippers.” Kid gives siblings buzzcuts

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Oh dear. A little boy has found the dog clippers and given his siblings a ‘haircut’ – that made his mother cry.

But it’s all good. Jimmy Kimmel has made it totally worth it.

“It’s just hair” – sob

The five-year-old Texas boy, named Teddy, gave himself and his two younger siblings buzzcuts after finding the electric shaver that his mum had been using to clip the dog.

She was taking a shower when he decided he’d play hairdresser. 

His mum, Stephanie Plunknette, has shared the shocking moment she discovered her kids new ‘do’s on her Instagram stories and the video has since gone viral.

Your kids started cutting their own hair …?

Another reason to keep your children from scissors !!!!!Credit: Stephie-Leigh-Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/stephie_leigh_/

Posted by Cocoro on Tuesday, 16 April 2019

“Do you like your haircut?”

Putting on a brave face and attempting to conceal her, ‘I’m so freaking out right now but I’m not going to show it’ voice, Stephanie asks her cute daughter with pig tales and a bald patch, if she likes her new hair cut?

“No,” is Eloise’s definite answer.

When asked why she let her brother shave her blond locks, Teddy interjects: “She said she wanted me to do that a lot.”

Although Stephanie is clearly upset, she takes the ‘nothing is forever’ approach and tells her children, “It’s just hair, and it’s going to grow back. It’s okay.”

She even manages to keep it together when Teddy reveals he’s also shaved his little brother Fred’s head, replying, “Honesty. That’s good.” 

But Eloise isn’t so sure about her hairstyle, asking her mum, “Can you put more hair on my head?”.

Attempting to give Eloise a comb-over, a handful of hair falls out in the process.

An appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Since appearing all over the web, Jimmy Kimmel invited the family onto his talk show in a hilarious interview.

“Have you ever shaved anyone heads before, Teddy?” he asks the little boy.

“No,” says Teddy.

“Have you seen your parents do this to the dog?” he asks.

“Yes” is the little boy’s answer. 

When he asked Teddy if he was going to shave his sibling’s heads again he replies, “no”

“Why won’t you do it again if it was fun?” probes Kimmel.

“Because my mum told me not to do it again,” says Teddy who appears to mean it (thankfully).

Then after interviewing the family, Kimmel gifts them a box full of Micky Mouse ears, telling the family he’s given them a family trip to Disneyland! 

“The moral to the story is, if you shave your siblings head you get to go to Disneyland,” he laughs.

As Stephanie says, hair grows back, but a family trip to Disneyland is once in a lifetime.

So, worth it, perhaps?



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