“I LOVE my Woody!” Dear nappy designers, please, just think

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Dear nappy designers,

I know you have lots of things to consider when dreaming up a new waste catcher for my little one.

Will it leak? Will it be comfy? Will the side straps break during nappy battle with a squirming tot, that sort of thing.

And no doubt sales are at the top of these considerations, which is why it makes sense to latch on to the latest kid-trend.

Like the new Toy Story movie.

But you didn’t really think things through with that one, did you?

“Mummy! I love my Woody!”

When you put the dangly star of the popular movie, who everyone knows is named WOODY, on the FRONT of your Toy Story 4 nappies, well, we all had a giggle.

As this mum posted on Facebook:

Dear huggies, I completely understand that your new addition of toy story designs are in conjunction with the…

Posted by Emilee Webber on Monday, 15 July 2019

“As a mom, I’ll say this, foresight would’ve been wonderful,” the bemused mum, Emilee Webber, writes. “My two year old is patting the front of his pants saying, ‘I love my woody'” she adds.

Oh, we are in stitches.

Why can’t Buzz be on the front?

Emilee then hashtags her post: #whycantbuzzbeonfront and well, now we are wondering the same.

So why did you put Woody on the front of your boy Toy Story nappy range, and his sidekick Buzz Lightyear on the back?

Because if you had switched it around then you still could have cashed in on the Toy Story hype, but … oh, I think I know, is it because he wears a helmet? …

Hmm, now I’m really thinking too much into things.

“Violet got crabs”

So nappy designer, as you can see, you got it a bit wrong with Woody, and I am sure you’re taking note but can you please pass this memo onto your fellow nappy designers in the UK?

It looks like they’ve made a similar faux pas, not with Woody (they didn’t have the same big movie budget as you!) but by putting an animal that also has the same name as a sexually transmitted disease on theirs.

Yep, “Violet got crabs” as the sister of this crab-wearing nappy bub likes to declare.

So please, nappy designers, just think.

Or don’t, it gives us great amusement!

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