Growing up Australian – You know you’re raising Aussie kids when….

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If you’ve been overseas, especially with little ones in tow, then you can expect a bit of a culture shock. The time zone can be a killer but also there are some traditions and cultures that are truly Australian through and through. Go to Europe and kids can actually attend museums with their parents and not run amok. It’s different. It’s noice. It’s unusual.

So let’s take a look at what it is like growing up (and now raising our own kids) in ‘Straya.

It’s perfectly acceptable to spend an entire weekend watching a game that never ends.

Spending 40 hours a week watching cricket is pretty much the norm. The tight white outfits make it okay though, I suppose.

You never wee without checking the toilet seat.

There is always the chance of a spider lurking nearby. Or a tree frog. Or a snake.

toilet snake

You are on a first name basis with all the Play School presenters.

Eddie. Alex. Justine. I see them everyday. They are pretty much my best mates.

Fairy bread is a weekend staple.

If you attend children’s birthday parties frequently, then you know what we mean.

Milo and milk dramas are also a weekend staple.

You know a tantrum is coming when the Milo and the milk won’t properly mix together.

During the school assembly, the national anthem’s second verse is often mumbled.

“Beneath our radiant Southern Cross, we’ll something something something hands.” Happens to the best of us.

The sound of cicadas is actually soothing.

Okay, not really…. but you may be able to block them out after a few weeks.

Arriving at school to notice your son isn’t wearing shoes is not uncommon.

Happened to me twice just last week.

Tuck shop is every mum’s best friend.

Especially on a Friday when the fridge and pantry are almost always empty.

iPads and iPhones are babysitting life savers

Go to Europe and something amazing happens – you can walk into a restaurant and see families eating, together, chatting, without having to rely on iPhones, colouring-in and crayons or threats to make the kids behave. Here, the only way to dine out with kids is to bring a bag of goodies or hit up a pub with a play area. Bonus points if the kids eat free!

Sex education is taught by a creepy mascot in the back of a van.

My kids learned all about it from Braveheart, which I believe is either a lion or a bear. But I think Healthy Harold makes the rounds too.

And, finally, you know at least one friend with a ZA nickname.

Shazza. Dazza. Wazza. Bazza. And, three guesses your kids have at least one mate named either William, Jack or Lachie.

What are some of the other cultural changes that make Australia such a unique place to raise a family?

(snake image via Elliot Budd)


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