Girl’s toy cat and doll get into a fight. Kind vet steps in to patch kitty up.

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A very nice vet is warming hearts across the globe as he helpfully treated a stuffed toy brought in by a very worried little girl.

“Extremely concerned”

The Pioneer Veterinary Clinic in Washington shared the story (with permission) and it’s honestly a happy tear-inducing one.

“We had a wonderful little girl come visit us yesterday,” the clinic’s rep wrote on their Facebook page. “Six-year-old Jazmine, who has special needs, was extremely concerned about her stuffed cat Donnie.”

And honestly Jazmine? We don’t blame you. There’s nothing worse than when a special pal is feeling poorly. Little wonder that you were fretting about your fur baby.

Jazmine’s mum responded brilliantly, calling in the professionals and making an appointment with the clinic’s very sympathetic vet – a gent named Dr Maier.

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“Scratch on right front foot”

Jazmine’s mum Susie Efigenio told parenting site Romper that her daughter – who is on the Autism spectrum – had been fretting about Donnie’s foot for several days.

Thankfully the dedicated Dr Maier was only too happy to help Donnie – and Jazmine – feel better.

“Patient information: ‘Donnie’ female, seal point, domestic shorthair cat,” the clinic’s Facebook page read, documenting Donnie’s ailment.

“Presenting Complaint: Scratch on right front foot. Physical Exam: Heart and lungs sounded normal, small laceration on right front foot. Treatment Plan: Place bandage on the right front foot, keep on for a few days/ At Home Care: Give her extra love and cuddles until she is all better.”

We had a wonderful little girl come visit us yesterday. Six year old Jazmine, who has special needs, was extremely…

Posted by Pioneer Veterinary Clinic on Friday, 8 February 2019

“Extra love and cuddles”

Thankfully the sort of careful TLC that was recommended, plus a little first aid, was just what the kitty needed.

“After a thorough examination and a quick bandage, Donnie is expected to make a full recovery!” the clinic posted triumphantly. Hooray!!

Followers of the clinic’s Facebook page were extremely touched and heartened by this kind response.

“The little things are the big things,” one wrote.

“Faith in humanity restored,” another confirmed.

“What a beautiful example of pure kindness,” a follower commented. “I know that little girl will remember this for the rest of her life.”

I’m not crying. You’re crying. #sob.


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