Four-year-old bakes a cake for her late mum (and mails it to heaven)

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Sob. When a little girl was worried about how her late mum would be celebrating her birthday, her grandma and some absolute champion postal workers stepped up to ease her concerns.

Bella made a cake for her mum in heaven

No birthday cake in heaven?

In fact, not only did they pretty much erase her worries, they made her mum’s birthday an unexpectedly special occasion.

Four-year-old Bella Graham lost her mum, Jessica, very suddenly two years ago as a result of a pulmonary embolism. As her mummy’s birthday drew nearer she struggled to reconcile what would once have been a celebratory day.

“She started expressing concern that mommy wouldn’t have a birthday cake in heaven,” Bella’s grandmother Laura Fisher told WPTV News.

Grandma Laura sprang into action, reasoning that if the postal service could deliver letters to Santa, surely they knew how to get packages to heaven. Laura is a brilliant baker, and she suggested they make a cake for Jessica, and Bella could mail it to her mum. The pair then set to work, getting the whole family to pitch in and bake this special treat with plenty of love.

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Bella and Jessica

Bella and her mum, Jessica

Special delivery

Laura got in touch with their local post office ahead of time to clear this unusual delivery with them. Luckily they were more than happy to make arrangements for Bella to send her cake to her mum.

Laura says the post office really went above and beyond the call of duty. When Bella arrived with her granny, ready to mail their special package, staff opened up a priority line especially for for the four-year-old.

“They said this line was for people shipping to heaven only. They put a stamp on it, they guaranteed her that the cake would arrive before mommy’s birthday,’ Laura explained.

Bella made a cake for her mum in heaven

“She’s going to have a party!”

Bella was elated and the exchange helped the little girl process her grief a little more.

“She was so happy,” Laura reveals. “She gave me a high five. She was like, ‘Mommy’s going to have a birthday cake. She’s going to have a party.”

While there’s a robust culture of complaint when it comes to many countries’ postal services, this grateful grandmother is singing the praises of her local, noting their compassionate service made a huge difference to preschooler Bella.

“They have no idea how much it meant to her to be able to do that for her mom,” a grateful Laura told WPTV.



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