Father captures the innocence of childhood in surreal photo series

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Anyone blessed with sons knows how incredible watching them explore their world can be. Gabe Tomoiga not only understands the pure bliss of raising boys, but has captured this innocence in a beautiful photo series that inspires, delights and brings childhood to life.


Meet Landon, Liam and Lucas, the three boys behind an equally stunning and surreal photo series by father and photographer, Gabe Tomoiga.


In between chasing around his three boys, all under the age of four, Seattle-based Gabe has created a magical and mystical world of childlike wonders inspired by his boys’ experiences.


“I like to create worlds where we can go back in time to experience childhood again. I want to inspire and open the minds of children and adults around the world to use their imagination and encourage them to think outside the box.”


Gabe finds his inspiration from simply watching his boys be boys.

“In every photo session, I let my sons roam free through the fields and capture them playing, laughing, talking and interacting with their surroundings,” Gabe writes.


“Everything they say and do inspires me,” Gabe explains. “My sons help me see the simple things in life and most importantly help me be a better father and grow as a person.”


The surreal surroundings paired with the pure innocence of his three boys, Landon, four, Liam, two, and Lucas, 10 months, create a world filled with wild animals, fantastical flower gardens and colourful characters.


What Gabe has captured through his stunning images is something all parents can relate to – a vision of returning to childhood, an opportunity to tag along on our children’s journeys and a chance to watch them grow as individuals.

(via Bored Panda, images via Tomoiga Fine Art)



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