Duchess Kate just revealed what ‘sparks joy’ in her life – and it’s lovely

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The lovely Duchess of Cambridge visited a school this week and she took part in a ‘show and tell’ session with little students.

“My family makes me feel happy”

Kate was at Lavender Primary School to help mark Children’s Mental Health Week. We already know that mental health awareness is passionately championed by Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry and they’re keen to highlight the importance of emotional wellbeing at any age.

During the visit Kate pulled a family photo from her elegant royal clutch and told the very attentive pupils that family meant everything to her.

“This is a photograph of my family,” she explained sweetly. “These are my children, and this is my husband. And my family makes me feel happy.”

The assembled children examined the photo and appeared delighted by this reveal and honestly it was beautiful to watch. Kate chatted about her family as any other parent would and it’s clear that she draws strength from them – and from their love.

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“We like playing outside together”

The image Kate pulled from her purse (above) was the cute outdoorsy photo the royals shared at Christmas time. As the students examined the photo, the Duchess explained that it showed a typical favourite family pastime.

“We like playing outside together,”  she continued. “And spending lots of time together as a family … and that makes me feel happy!”

“Do you like to make time with your families, too? What do you like doing sometimes?” she asked the transfixed kids who began nodding, smiling and telling Kate stories about their own families.

Honestly, hearing Kate chat so warmly and naturally about her gang was the pure show of love we didn’t know we needed today.

AND who even knew that Duchess Kate was herself a joy-sparking thing?! I mean look at her hugging this dog! Nawww. 


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