Dear Granny and Grandpa, this is why I love ‘us’

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Dear Granny and Grandpa,

Yay! I’m in the car on the way to your house. I’ve brought my favourite toy (of the moment) to show you and my blankie – of course. I can’t go anywhere without blankie, but you know that.

I’m so excited because I know we are going to have a fun, silly and cuddly day today – because that’s just what we do! You see, when I’m with you, we are ‘us’ and us time is just the best. 

Here’s why.

I love how you love me

When you open the door and scoop me up in your warm arms, I will feel all bubbly inside. You will kiss me and I’ll squirm, but not because I don’t like it. Oh no! It’s because I am so super-duper excited that I can’t even stay still. I’ll probably make you put me down, just so I can toddle excitedly around your house. 

The reason I’m so happy is that I feel your happiness too. You can’t stop looking at me and smiling and this makes me giggle. So I will play peek-a-boo with you behind my blankie as Mummy gives you my bag of stuff, before kissing me bye-bye.

I know that the entire time I get to spend with you will be just like this – you looking and laughing at me and smiling. You adore me and as such, I have you all to myself. I won’t even have to whinge or tug on your jacket to get your attention today.

And I know I will get a biscuit too. You can’t help spoiling me!

grandparents and kiddo

I love how you play with me

When I am with you, I know I have playmates. And it doesn’t matter that I am still learning my words and you seem to know them all. It also doesn’t matter that I am little and you are big, because you get on the floor with me, like you are small again too! Granny and Grandpa, I love rolling a ball to you, or building block towers. You even find it as funny as I do when they crash!

Actually, everything I do with you is fun …

Like watering your plants, helping you to hang out the washing (I like your rainbow-coloured pegs!) and sweeping the leaves off the back deck – me with my baby dustpan broom and you with the big tall daddy one.

I also love kneeling on the kitchen stool to ‘help’ you make lunch. Then after eating our sandwiches (you know to cut mine into triangles and NOT squares), it’s fun getting my hands all bubbly as I do the washing up with you on the step ladder by the sink.  

Toddler playing blocks with grandma

I love our quiet times too

As much as I love doing stuff with you, I also love snuggling into you for some quiet time. Your lap feels like home to me. It’s as safe and familiar to me as Mummy’s and Daddy’s, and so, when you cuddle me and rock me in that soothing way, I may even fall asleep on you.

But before I do, will you sing to me? I love how you know all the nursery rhymes. I love your songs so much that even after leaving your house, I try to sing them to myself when I lay in bed at night. 

I love learning from you

The other thing I love about spending time with you, is how you teach me things and talk to me. When you take me out for a walk and clutch my small hand in yours, you point stuff out to me. You show me birds in the trees, name the flowers, teach me how to look both ways when we cross the road and that when mummy was little her best friend lived three doors down from you.

Grandparent and child hands

Granny and Grandpa, I love spending time with you. I even love it more than George loves his Mr Dinosaur – and believe me, that is a lot.

Love me x


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