“Controversial”: Busy Philipps tells us what she really thinks about mummy wine

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Actor and mum Busy Philipps has revealed how she feels about the mummy wine culture during a recent interview.

“This may be controversial, but I’m just going to say it: I’m so f***ing over the culture of mommy wine and glasses that say Mommy juice,” she told Parents Magazine – and she isn’t holding back.

Busy, mum to Birdie, 10 and Cricket, 5 isn’t impressed with the way alcohol is considered a normal part of parent events – especially those that feature children.

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“You go to a preschool birthday at 10am, and it’s like, ‘Does anyone want a wine cooler?’ Um, no, girlfriend,” she said. “I want to make sure my daughter doesn’t fall off this play structure. It’s such a weird thing!”

While Busy isn’t averse to drinking, she believes it’s not something that should go hand-in-hand with parenting. “I just don’t think the two things need to be tied together. I’m the best mom when I’m sober,” she said.

Busy isn’t afraid to voice an opinion that goes against the grain.

She also revealed during the interview that she doesn’t agree with the idea that mums should be proud of their bodies after birth. While women are encouraged to embrace the changes to their body after having a baby, Busy says this approach isn’t for her.

“I’m able to intellectually appreciate the fact that my body has done a truly incredible thing, but I don’t love the extra skin,” Philipps said. “People say, ‘Wear it like a badge!’ Um, yeah, that doesn’t speak to me. I’d rather have a flat stomach.”


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