Claire Foy says parenting would be MUCH easier without mummy shamers

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We all fell in love with Claire Foy when she graced our screens as Queen Elizabeth on The Crown. Now you’re going to fall in love a little bit more, because her thoughts on mummy shamers and balancing career and baby are royally relatable, too.

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“The utmost respect”

Claire is now separated from her husband of four years, fellow actor Stephen Campbell Moore. The couple are parents to a two-year-old daughter, and announced their split in February.

“We can confirm that we have separated and have been for some time,” the pair said in a joint statement.

“We do however continue as great friends with the utmost respect for one another. We ask for our privacy during this time.”

“Being a mess in every single place”

In the wake of this separation and on the cusp of a new film release (called Unsane), Claire spoke to Marie Claire about her most famous role as the young Queen – and the more private one of being a mother.

“It’s been physically quite hard,” she said of juggling her juggernaut of a career with a baby. She admits she’s not holding it together at all (and we feel MUCH better about ourselves as a result!).

“I’ve had to take care of myself after a baby and working those hours, then feel bad about working so [I’d] wake up early to see my child. Just being a mess in every single place I was in.”

“Everything is a challenge”

It’s a relatable sentiment, and frankly her routine sounds exhausting. We have no clue how she managed to turn on such a brilliant performance whilst sleep deprived and weighed down by mum guilt.

“Everything is a challenge,” Claire admits. “You have a really amazing day, then you have an ‘armpit of the world’ day.”

She notes that despite much ado, it’s still incredibly difficult to manage a family and a job, especially when you’re in the public eye.

“When a woman gets to childbearing age, she has to disappear or not have children and then be judged – it’s really weird.

“Women find it incredibly difficult to go back to work after children. It’s not encouraged. It’s just not the norm.”

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Queen of the screen. Claire Foy for @Telegraph.

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“Less judgement”

Claire reasons that taking the pressure off women to fulfil a particular ideal and pushing for equality and more support would pay huge dividends.

“[Mums need] less judgement. Less people having a go. Being able to say ‘I feel shit’, and everyone going, ‘That’s alright.’ It’s such a relief to realise everyone else is finding it just as hard.”

It truly is and we’re so pleased to catch a glimpse at the surprisingly normal struggles of someone who, from the outside, appears to have it all together.

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