Champ of a doctor runs emergency department while cuddling sick mum’s baby

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In today’s brilliant news story, a doctor headed up a hospital emergency department, keeping things running smoothly, all the while cuddling a very sick woman’s unsettled baby boy.

Morning all, this is a bit different to my usual posts but felt I had to share. The older of the two featured in this…

Posted by Waikato Hospital on Wednesday, 25 April 2018

“Small kindnesses”

Let’s face it, this guy is the hero every sick parent needs.

Mike, a rep from New Zealand’s Waikito Hospital, shared the story via the hospital’s Facebook page, highlighting the “small kindnesses” that staff take in their stride as they go about what are often very stressful days.

He detailed the story of this baby and his cuddle-r, a gent named Muir, explaining the pair were inseparable during a shift as the child’s mother was admitted.

“[I] felt I had to share,” Mike’s Facebook post – and photo – recounting the whole situation read. “The older of the two featured in this picture is Muir – one of our ED consultants. The little guy was here with his mum and badly needed a snooze. Sadly his mum was unwell and needed some tests.”

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“The only one able to settle him”

It seemed that Doctor Muir had the magic touch with this little guy, and did what needed to be done to keep him happy and get the (his hospital-running) job done.

“I believe several people tried but Muir was the only one able to settle him. So for about an hour the other day our consultant in charge (of the entire ED) was most definitely multi-tasking. Just an example of the small kindnesses that happen everyday that often go unnoticed. Thanks to mum for giving permission to post this – I hope you are soon feeling much better.”

So very often we focus on complaints and shortcomings in the health sector, and forget to be grateful for the brilliant care so many of us receive – often by exhausted staff in an underfunded and under pressure system.

This sweet image is a sage reminder that there are countless health professionals pushing themselves above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure patients and their families get the care – and cuddles – they need.


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