Candid family photo captures the “morning madness” at Kim and Kanye’s house

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Fans usually see Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s home looking as minimalist and tidy as an art gallery, so the new photo Kim just shared has them equal parts surprised and delighted.

Morning madness!

The image shows breakfast time at Chez K-W and its a jumble — albeit a neat jumble — of puppies, fruit, laundry and babies!

“Morning madness!” Kim captioned the photo and while it’s definitely a little upscale, it also offers glimpses of the kind of chaos most families deal with at breakfast time.

“This is bliss!!!!!!” Kim’s sister Khloé Kardashian posted alongside this image.

“The best!!” actor Selma Blair commented.

“Big family,” Chance the Rapper observed.

Mixed response

Others were zooming in on the details and commenting/critiquing the famous family’s lifestyle.

“North West’s puppy is the cutest,” one person wrote.

“Looks like total organizational bliss to me !!!! Dang my kitchen never looks like that with all my kids,” another follower posted.

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Morning Madness

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“Morning madness is when YOU actually cook and take care of your family yourself!!” someone else snarked, alluding to the fact that this family have the benefit of staff to help them wrangle their kids and serve breakfast.

“What would she call it if she actually had to put all of that together herself … or watch her own kids?” another person commented in the same vein.
We’ve zoomed in on some of the detail in those photos, because a) we wanted to see what was on the menu for breakfast and b) we needed a closer look at North’s dog.
Kardashian-West family Kardashian-West family Kardashian-West family Kardashian-West family

Psalm’s a nap influencer

And look, to tell you the truth MOST people who scrolled upon this photo had one thing on their mind.

They wanted to know where they can get the baby lounger that young Psalm is reclining on. There are hundreds of comments to that effect:

“I love what the baby is resting on. Could you please share?” 

The lounger is from a company called Baby Delight. It’s called the Nestle Nook Portable Infant Lounger and it’s available on Amazon right now. And it’s expensive to buy it from Australia unfortunately and Baby Delight don’t ship to Australia direct from their own site.

Dang. If you’re keen for one it might be worth getting in touch with Baby Delight and chatting about international shipping.


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