Brilliant illustrator perfectly captures the beauty and struggle of parenting

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If you feel like nobody sees your parent life struggle, know that this creative mum is probably living and breathing it too!

Capturing imperfect parenthood perfectly

Illustrator Alejandra Favoretti has somehow managed to bundle up every parent’s innermost thoughts and experiences and interpret them in a brilliant series of gorgeous illustrations that are sure to strike a chord.

She shares her work on Instagram under the name Tocaya, where it’s beloved by thousands of other parents who are possibly thinking this new mum is living a parallel life to theirs.

Alejandra is mum to a three-year-old daughter and she told Spanish website BabyCenter that after a couple of years deep in the trenches of motherhood, she’s emerged with a little more time to draw.

She says that the realities of motherhood caught her by surprise and it took her a little time to adapt to caring for her little girl, learning to breastfeed and understanding what her baby needed from her. 

“Nothing was what I imagined, it’s much better,” she told the Spanish parenting site. 

Parallel lives

Her work covers the sort of familiar themes every parent will have experience of. Sleepless nights, separation anxiety, exhaustion, shifting priorities, surrendered privacy all pop up.

Her drawings are sweet, poignant and based on her own real-life mum experiences. When we shared one on Instagram recently everyone fell instantly in love, so it seemed like the very best idea to share them here too.

“I am sure that most of the moms … will identify with the illustrations. Enjoy them!” Alejandra told BabyCenter and she’s right and we definitely will!

Scroll on to take a peek … 

We told you they were brilliant!


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