My boys are now obsessed with baking cakes after watching too much Netflix

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When I had three boys I never imagined I would spend so much time in the kitchen baking cakes with them. I know this is stereotypical and of course, all kids love sugary treats, but wannabe bakers is another level! The reason for this? Yep, that’s right, the little Netflix show called Nailed It. 

Dessert kings

Cooking shows are dime a dozen these days so it’s not that surprising that there’s a whole new generation of mini Masterchefs in the making, but my boys aren’t into watching someone make a fancy jus, deconstructed lasagne or cauliflower done six ways. They only care about the sweet stuff which is why when they stumbled upon the show Nailed It they were instantly hooked.

Breaking the mould

If you’ve never seen it, there’s a funny female host teamed with a professional baker and a different guest judge each episode who get amateur cooks to replicate cake masterpieces. Unlike other cooking shows though (e.g. Sugar Rush), the contestants are all incredibly crap so they just end up creating something that looks and probably tastes nothing like the original. The winner also gets $10,000 blown in their face. It’s hilarious and my little guys LOVE it.


Cake frenzy

I think they’d only watched about ten minutes of the first show when they asked if we could bake a cake, right then and there. Given it was the evening, I put them off until the next morning when we happily made one together, but now they’re avid watchers of the show the request to make a cake is popping up pretty frequently, to say the least. I was even heading out to a function last Saturday and had to help whip one up in twenty minutes before rushing out the door, make-up half done. 

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Next gen bakers

However, I myself am a bit of an old-school baker, I prefer the smaller patty cake size for cupcakes (not this giant muffin shape variety) and use buttercream icing – because, um delicious! But my little wise guys are wanting to step it up, when they’re not watching Nailed It they spend hours pouring over my old Women’s Weekly cake cookbooks and want fancy edible decorations and toppers. When I was out last week my husband even had to bust out some fondant from the cupboard (which I bought yonks ago and have never used) and google what to do with it (in case you’re wondering the result of that masterpiece was a red decorated ‘pepperoni and dinosaur’ cake – cute and super tasty).


Nailing it

The thing is, despite the kitchen mess and potential to go overboard on sugar, I like the fact they’re into this cake show. It’s entertaining, it shows them about how to (or not to!) bake, encourages creativity, family interaction and teaches them that it’s okay to fail as long as you give it a try. Even their little brother tries to get in on the act – just one second of the beater and he comes running full pelt, but at the moment he’s only allowed to lick the spoon.

So bring on the aprons and forks kids, it’s cake baking time! (Please note I do not let my kids eat cake 24/7. I am not insane)

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