Bedtime routine checklist – how many can you cross off?

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It’s time to settle the children down for the night and enjoy a little bit of ‘me’ time. Well, that’s the plan anyway. But if you’re like most parents, then this is what you will be doing instead…

Bath Time

Bath time is supposed to be all about unwinding after a long day. In theory, the kids will relax with the suds, have a bit of a splash and come out feeling fresh and clean. In reality…


  • You will fight with your child about taking a bath.
  • You will then fight with your child about getting out of the bath.
  • Your toddler will do a number one or number two in the bath.
  • Your child will bring at least 18 toys with him into the bath.
  • You will ask the question, “Why is there water on the floor?”
  • You will then proceed to use the towel to “mop” the bathroom floor.
  • Your child will insist on wearing dirty pyjamas to bed.
  • Your child will put his underwear on backwards.

Book Time

After bath it’s usually time for a story – just one, before bed. Story time is a great way to end the day and connect with your children….


  • Your child will dump out every single book in the book shelf looking for her favourite.
  • You will then claim you “lost” your child’s favourite book because you cannot handle reading it for the eighty-billionth time.
  • Your child will request another book. Twelve times.
  • You will ‘accidentally’ skip over some of the sentences in your child’s book to make story time just a little bit shorter.
  • You will be interrupted while reading. Fifteen times.
  • You will try to convince your eldest child to read the book to your youngest… even though neither can actually read.

Bed Time

And, finally, it’s time to go to bed. Or so the experts say. After bath and book comes bed. Why don’t children realise this?


  • You will turn the house upside down looking for “bear” because your child won’t go to sleep without it.
  • You will find “bear”.
  • Your child will throw “bear” out of the cot.
  • Your child will try to climb out of the cot.
  • You will get up at least once because your child is “thirsty” or “has to go to the toilet”.
  • You will play on your phone while waiting for child to go to sleep.
  • You will fall asleep in your child’s bed, most likely before he does. Bonus points if you fall asleep in a chair or on the floor instead.
  • And, finally, you will finish the routine off with a kiss to your child’s cheek and a promise that tomorrow will be easier…

So… how many did you get?



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