“Mummy, use your inside voice!” 7 ways my kids love to parent me

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Right when I think my kids don’t listen to me, they prove to me that yes, they do in fact hear me even when they seem to be off on another planet. They also remind me that it’s Mummy who actually needs to ‘turn on her listening ears,’ not them!

You see, my kids love to switch things up, seizing then opportunity to parent me when possible. Honestly, it’s as cute as it is annoying!

Here are seven ways they like to both reprimand me and also show me the way – mama-style.

1. “Mummy, use your inside voice, please”

OK, I admit I hate this one. It’s the ultimate “you have lost control and you’re a hypocrite” line.

I can’t react, I just need to stop and set a good example. I’ve just been parented by my four-year-old. Dang.

Woman talking to child

2. “That’s enough honey, mummy! That’s enough!”

Every morning I grab the squirt honey bottle from one of their grips to stop them from drowning their cereal in the golden stuff. But the thing is, I also love honey. So when it’s my turn to squeeze the bees nectar, I’m met with the Honey Police who have no problem telling me if I am using too much.    

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3. “You just have to try. Just keep trying”

Then there’s the motivational talk. Whenever my boys can’t do something I like to encourage them to not give up. “You can’t do it yet,” I tell them gently, followed by, “You just have to try. Keep trying.”

Well, I have to eat humble pie when the same pep talk is given to me when I can’t operate Apple TV and put on Paw Patrol for them.  

4. “Naughty mummy, Sam is scared of the dark”

This one happened the other night when I accidentally turned the bathroom light off while my two-year-old who is petrified of the dark was still in there.

My eldest son was genuinely angry at me for upsetting his brother, who had tears streaming down his chubby little face when I quickly turned the light back on. I was in BIG trouble.  

Cranky preschool aged girl

5. “Mummy, calm down. Just breath”

Then there is this one. Oh I hate this one. My kids love to remind me I need to regain composure when I am losing my sh!t at them.

They tell me to “take deep breaths” and it is said in the same tone I use on them when they are in the throws of a tantrum. Pot, kettle, etc.

6. “You said a naughty word!” 

I’m the first to admit I have a bit of a potty mouth but I never curse in anger. Still, that means my kids hear a few too many naughty words said in jest. And they LOVE to point this out to me, and others. Face palm.

7. “Mummy, say sorry to Daddy”

Finally, there is the “you need to say sorry and make up” lecture. Whenever my boys thump each other or steal toys off one another – and consequently explode into tears – they are instructed to say sorry, hug it out and to not do it again.

Well, the same goes for me if I raise my voice at their dad or we have a little partner squabble in front of them. The result is that we both shoot each other a funny look, laugh and yes, hug it out and say sorry.

Thanks kids.   


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