7 firemen from the same fire department welcome 7 babies

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The gents of Glenpool Fire Department are attracting global attention for seven extremely adorable reasons!

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Posted by Sarah Hutchinson on Sunday, 20 May 2018

“Pretty proud”

While we’re certain they’ve navigated many tricky situations and saved many lives, it’s the new little lives they’ve welcomed into the world that has everybody freaking out.

Sarah Hutchinson, who is married to one of the gents of the Glenpool Fire Department in Oklahoma, just shared an attention-grabbing photo on Facebook and it created a justifiable flurry of excitement.

Sarah’s snap shows seven of the department’s firefighters cuddling the seven cute babies the’ve welcomed over the last year and a bit. It’s a brilliant image and Sarah said her community could not be more stoked about these new arrivals.

“We are pretty proud of the babies and the hardworking dads. We really are just a huge family in a small community!” she told Fox News.

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Seven bubs for seven “brothers”

The response to this image of seven snuggly babies in the arms of seven burly blokes has been a little nuts, with the photo quickly going viral and news outlets across the world picking up the story. The image, one mum revealed, was a tiny bit hard won.

“Honestly, it was difficult to get seven babies to cooperate for a picture so we all had some good laughs,” Melanie Todd, whose husband is a Glenpool fireman, told CBS News. “We all joked about knowing which kid not to let theirs hangout with!”

Fireman and dad of a four-week-old bub, Mick Whitney, told CBS this baby boom was simply a “coincidence” although the group of men are very tight-knit. “We all just happen to have kids right under a year. It’s a pretty neat deal.”

There are five girls and two boys in this adorable new baby bunch. The little girls are Jovie, Saylor, Henley, Kadance and Gracie – and the significantly outnumbered baby boys are Cohen and Bodie. 

Huge congratulations to these seven families on their insta-village! 


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